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We operate a wedding costume rental specialty store called BRIDAL SALON Ai.

Since its founding, we have cherished the traditional Japanese kimono culture and have been worn by many brides and grooms.

The most beautiful color uchikake in wedding kimono

It is a special costume that is packed with craftsmanship and is a kimono that can only be worn on a sunny day, such as a wedding ceremony.

Among the kimonos, those made of silk are said to be extremely valuable.

Many threads are woven intricately, and many fabrics are layered to make it with great effort and time.

The design given by the craftsman is a work of art.

The colored uchikake made of silk and luxuriously embroidered with gold and silver threads is considered to be a very expensive kimono.

Even if you have finished your role as a wedding costume, you can still get a valuable item called a uchikake.

From the desire to make more people feel closer

We have launched -MIYABI- as a project to process items that can be used for a long time and create the next value .

-MIYABI- supports the SDGs for a sustainable society for the future of the region, country and the planet.

In the wedding costume industry, there are many things you can do as a purchaser and a producer.

We will work on that through "Kimono Art".

We want to not only make kimono culture sustainable, but also bring new charm to it.

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