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​An online store operated by a long-established bridal salon in Sapporo


About our shop

​​Online store of "Kimono Art" operated by Sapporo's long-established bridal salon

Our shop is a bridal salon that has been in business for 45 years since the wedding costume rental business.
Today, we have a wide variety of wedding dresses and color dresses, but
at the time of our founding, kimono was the mainstream rather than dresses.
Therefore, we carry over 300 kimonos.
The kimono you wear on a sunny day is extremely gorgeous,
and it is considered a lucky charm because it has many auspicious patterns that symbolize Japan.
In addition, classic patterns such as auspicious patterns have remained in the hearts of Japanese people for many years.
The wedding kimono creates the beauty of the bride and also wishes the bride's happiness from the parents and creators.
Therefore, we strive to have parents, as well as brides and grooms, choose their kimonos with their own feelings.
Among them, as you wear the kimono, you will get some scratches, although it is not so obvious.
At first glance, it's unobtrusive, but for that reason I felt it was a shame to lose sight of the light of day.
The colored uchikake is still beautiful even if it plays the role of a wedding costume, and the carefully calculated pattern is as gorgeous as a painting.
Therefore, I want to be reborn in a form that will be loved by everyone for a long time as a second value, not as a uchikake.

I started frame processing from the thought .
Auspicious patterns and pictures are cut out and framed, so we would appreciate it if you could decorate your room as a single painting.
The lining is also used as a container to store and protect the frame so that one kimono is not wasted.
As an interior of a lucky charm, it is also appreciated as a gift.

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