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SKU: 366615376135191

Frame outer dimensions: length 553 x width 437 mm
Surface cover: We use used kimono with embroidered products that frame a part of the colored uchikake of the glass wedding costume.
Please enjoy it as a beautiful Japanese interior with gorgeous gold thread and three-dimensional embroidery.

  • Product information

    The kimono that the bride wears at the wedding ceremony is very luxurious and beautiful, and the feelings are gorgeous.
    However, as you wear it many times, small scratches and stains may occur and you may not be able to use it as a wedding costume.

    At first glance, it doesn't stand out so much, but for that reason it's not a good idea to lose sight of the light of day. I made a frame.

    The gorgeous embroidery is three-dimensional and the depth appears.
    If you decorate this art frame, the atmosphere of the space will change at once, so you can easily change the room.
    The solid impression of the art frame tightens the space.

    The wedding costumes have many traditional Japanese patterns called Kisshomonyo, which are said to be auspicious.
    This art frame is embroidered with cranes.
    Cranes represent a long life and congratulations, and are indispensable for celebrations as a congratulations pattern.
    Not only as a wedding gift, but also as a gift for longevity.

    Of course, I would be happy if you could decorate it at home and feel the culture unique to Japan.

    * Because you are using a used kimono, there may be scratches.
    * The color and texture may look slightly different between the photo and the actual product.
    * Due to the nature of the material, please refrain from decorating it in places exposed to direct sunlight or places with high temperature and humidity.

  • Return / Refund Policy

    We will check the delivered product within "7 days" after the product arrives, and if the product is found to be initially defective, we will refund the full payment amount including the product price, shipping fee, and various fees. In addition, if the scheduled delivery date is significantly exceeded, we will inform you of another product or "refund" all the payment amount.

    In addition, please contact us from the "inquiry form" for the initial defect request, then return the product after confirming the contents of the initial defect status sent as an image, and after confirming after returning, exchange or refund with another product etc. Please note that you will be required to proceed with the procedure.

    <Non-exchangeable items>

    Customer convenience: We do not accept any matters such as the size does not fit or the order is wrong.

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